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Inertia announced in his blog that twblog.net has officially died because the domain name has been took by other internet company. Bloggers under blog.twblog.net would be affected. He explains the current situation that “in taiwan blogosphere, it is simple to be independent, but to maintain that independence alone is difficult…” (zh)
We are really sorry, but Teleblog is closed. Testimony from one of our users: This is indeed a shame. I really liked the drupal engine and layout of the site, plus Taiwan really needs a peer-edited site like this one. The real pity is that blogging in Taiwan is still associated w/the likes of Wretch.cc and pchome.com–the absolute dregs of teenie-bopper fandom and vanity pics. Too late now I suppose, but I would gladly have sponsored the site with donations of money and time had I known the situation had become so dire. Anyway, RIP twblog.net. You will be missed. This is a great drupal-based site for Taiwan bloggers. Woefully underused but well-organized and easy-to-use
Currently, the technical aspects of most productions are achieved by crew-members controlling each element individually. Sound playback, light boards, motorized curtains, smoke machines, electric winches, turntables are controlled by separate operators. This implies precise timing and execution in-order-to satisfy the needs of the artistic staff. Enter Q-Manager. Q-Manager is sound and show control software that will automate these tasks and eliminate human error, thus preserving the integrity of the designs. It also allows each aspect of the show to be controlled from one central station. Q-Manager can run on virtually any PC with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
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